Nievergelt & Stoehr Advokatur AG develops strategies for clients, be it to successfully enforce claims against other parties or to avert claims directed at (or against) clients.

Particular emphasis is placed on protecting clients’ interests by means of negotiations or out-of-court settlements.

However, if negotiations fail or an out-of-court settlement is not possible, litigation is the necessary and appropriate means to enforce clients’ interests.

Based on its many years of experience in pleading cases, Nievergelt & Partner is in a position to assess trial situations and prospects of success, taking into account the risks. Clients are fully informed in advance about trial and cost risks.

Nievergelt & Stoehr Advokatur AG represents clients’ interests particularly in litigation before civil and administrative authorities in the areas of construction, liability, and administrative law.

In addition, the lawyers of Nievergelt & Partner have many years of experience and expertise in the enforcement of civil law claims and litigation before administrative courts.

Nievergelt & Partner’s activities also include the enforcement of judgments.