The collection of receivables and the enforcement of contractual obligations are core competencies of our law firm. On our clients’ behalf, we assert their rights by taking action against debtors quickly and consistently. If necessary, we are willing to assert these claims before all judicial instances and at debt enforcement and bankruptcy offices.

If our clients wish to assert claims in the context of bankruptcy proceedings, we can advise and represent our clients in order to protect their interests. We apply to the court for the appropriate proceedings, which allow our clients to reduce business activity, to survive economically and to obtain creditor protection.

We advise and represent individuals and companies in debt enforcement, bankruptcy and restructuring procedures and conduct the associated proceedings before courts and authorities:

  • Advice and representation in dealings with enforcement authorities
  • Advice and representation in attachment and in subsequent proceedings
  • Representation in legal proceedings on clearance to proceed
  • Recovery of value removed from the debtor’s assets (actio pauliana in case of gifts, over-indebtedness and intentional removal)
  • Assertion of monetary or security claims (opposition actions, separation of third-party property and scheduling of claims)
  • Advice and representation in the defense against unjustified claims