Thomas Nievergelt


Thomas Nievergelt


Thomas Nievergelt earned his law degree at the University of Zurich in 1982. He then worked for several years as an examining magistrate in the public prosecutor’s office of Grisons in Chur and Samedan. In 1990, he was admitted to the bar and received his notarial license in 2000. Thomas Nievergelt acted as a mediator in the Upper Engadine district and as a judge at the Grisons Administrative Court. He was also the mayor of Samedan for 18 years.


1982 – Law degree, University of Zurich (lic. iur.)
1990 – Bar Admission
2000 – Admission as Notary public

Professional Experience

1983 – 1991 –Examining magistrate at the Grisons public prosecutor’s office in Chur and Samedan
1991 – 2011 – Independent legal work at the law firm with the late Dr. iur. Guido Tramèr and lic. iur. Franco Tramèr
2011 – Founding of the law firm Nievergelt
2017 – Founding of Nievergelt & Partner Advokatur und Notariat AG
2019 – Attorney at law in the law firm Nievergelt & Stoehr Advokatur AG
2019 – Notary at Thomas Nievergelt Notariat AG

Other Mandates

1986 – 1989 – Vice president of the Samedan school council
1990 – 1998 – Mediator of the Upper Engadine district
1990 – 1994 – Vice mayor of Samedan
1991 – 2013 – Chairman of the founding committee of the MTS Mittelschule und Tourismusfachschule Samedan AG, now Academia Engiadina AG, Chairman of the Board of Directors from its foundation on September 18, 1991 until spring 2013
1995 – 2012 – Mayor of Samedan
1997 – 2000 – Cantonal parliament deputy for the Upper Engadine district
2003 – 2008 – Ordinary judge (part-time) in the Administrative Court of the canton of Grisons
2013 – President of the Notarial Commission of the canton of Grisons

Board Memberships

2013 – Supervisory Board member of COR&FJA AG (Munich and Stuttgart)
2013 – Chairman of the Notarial Commission of the canton of Grisons
Various board memberships

Professional Association Memberships

Grisons Bar Association
Swiss Bar Association
Grisons Notarial Association


German, Romansh, French, Italian